MDS DreamTeam

Name: Jerry Gifford
Location: Murfreesboro, Tn. USA
Age: 54
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Dreams, mythology, spirituality, mid-life issues, the environment, web design
I became interested in dreams after seeing Joseph Campbell on PBS in his 'Power of Myth' series. After extensive exploration of his works I became a devotee of Jungian thought and a student of dream psychology {self taught}. In 1996 I became interested in web design {again self taught} and within a few months Myths-Dreams-Symbols was born. It has evolved from a simple page to what today is a website with over a hundred pages of info dedicated to dreams, myth, spirituality, nature and mid-life issues. I spend many hours devoting my time to building and maintaining the site as well as working with dreams. Myths-Dreams-Symbols is my creative outlet, providing me with an opportunity to develope my intuitive self while providing a service for others who are interested in the psyche.

I am a native Nashvillian and currently live in Murfreesboro, Tn., a bedroom community 20 minutes south of Nashville. I am divorced with one son and 3 beautiful grandchildren who also live in Murfreesboro. Other than the interests listed I also read 4-5 newspapers every morning, believing it important to stay informed even while finding the material to be lacking in spiritual discipline. I am a recovering Church of Christ and very liberal in my beliefs. Buddhism, Gnosticism and Native American spirituality are at the core of my spiritual life. I have practiced good physical health since 1980 and believe in a balance of work, play, and personal growth. I have a lot of experience with people and yet find I also have a great intuitive skill that lends itself to understanding Jung and the psyche.