Hume Fogg Tech-Nashville, Tennessee
Our Motto
'The Devil Made Us Do It'

Suzanne Curley Key

Riley & Jamie
Daughter & Grandson

After Hume-Fogg Tech, I went to Martin Methodist College for 2 years and then transferred to Tennessee Tech where I got a Bachelors Degree in Education. I got married. I taught school for 6 years and then went to try my wings out in the corporate world at Bellsouth, which is where I still am. I have one lovely daughter, Riley, and 1 grandson, Jamin.

I still talk to Miss Joe Lena Collins who taught junior English when we were there. She is doing fine.

I have many wonderful memories of Hume Fogg Tech and it is great to see this website.

Suzanne Curley Key (quack)

Nickname-Quack; Curley
Favorite Spot-Osborn's or East Nashville' Shoney's
Favorite Saying-Why?
Pet Peeve-Myself and People who know it all

Class Prophesy
As I arrived at the school, I was introduced to Suzanne Curley, Director of the school {B.A.B. Comprehensive High School - Mr. Beasley/Mrs. Adair/Mrs. Barton}. Hume-Fogg was nice, but this was something else, all eighteen floors of it.

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