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Further Reading: Domain Names

Domain Names

1. What is a Domain Name?
2. Why Have Your Own Domain Name?
3. Understanding Domain Names
4. Different Domain Name Types
5. Cost of Securing a Domain Name
6. Domain Registration Only

Domain Name Checker

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is like a street address on the web. Businesses with web pages have them linked via an address called the Universal Resource Locator or URL.  Typically this address is something like

Why Have Your Own Domain Name?

Having email and web addresses which feature your business name allows for easy identification and builds your presence on the Internet. Having email or a web address based on the name of your Internet service provider means when the time comes to change your ISP, you can’t take the name with you. Your domain name is not only your web address, but also your brand. A good domain name is memorable, yet practical - it should be short and easy to spell.

Understanding Domain Names

A domain name typically consists of two parts - the company name and the type of organisation and/or its location.  For example, the domain name tells you that the company name is tnnweb; the .com means it is a commercial organization.

Educational institutions can request a domain name that ends in .edu. Government and semi-government departments can request .gov Clubs and various forms of affiliation groups can use .org.names, and network infrastructure and Internet Service Providers normally utilise .net.

Different Domain Name Types

1. The Big 3: .com, .net and .org Although there has recently been some discussion about possible moves to restrict the .org top domain to non-profits, as was originally intended, the current situation is that all 3 of these domain name extensions are accessible to anyone, without restrictions, and are widely recognized around the world.

2. Country-level top domains (identified as such) Most countries now have a matching top-level domain name, under which domains are sold (either directly, or with an intervening sub-domain such as .co. or .org.)

Prime examples include .fr (France), .jp (Japan - where is also in widespread use) and These types of top-level domain name are generally under government control, adding a level of durability and permanence that a 3rd party might find hard to match (see next sub-section)

3. Country-level top domains (masquerading as something else) Control over some country-level top domains has been ceded, either permanently or under contract, to various commercial organizations around the world. Many of these organizations don't exactly go out of their way to advertise the local origin of their domain names.

A prime example of this practice is the .tv top domain. While a perfectly legitimate top domain, it was in fact originally the top level domain reserved for the small Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. This fact is detailed in a small sub-section of the Company Overview, but nowhere else on the site.

NOTE: There's nothing wrong with these top-level domain names, but they are only international by "agreement" - the underlying system has them matched to a specific country. If the agreement with the country in question expires or is renegotiated - as happened, for instance, with the .tm domain of Turkmenistan, then users may be locked out of their domains or the top level domain put out of reach of new applicants.

Cost of Securing a Domain Name

You can register your domain name with numerous domain name registrars such as Register.Com.  TnnWeb can submit your domain name for you – there is a domain name hosting charge, or you can do it yourself, it is very simple to do.   

Standard domain registration fees are normally $72/$90 for per year depending on what service you use to secure the name.

Domain Registration Only

Close to 10,000 Domain Names are registered every day - that's almost a quarter million great web addresses that are no longer available to register each month.

Domain Name Parking enables you to have your domain name registered and parked at an independent hosting. This is your space on the web and remains yours as long as you pay the required hosting fees.

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