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My name is Jerry Gifford and I am the proprietor and webmaster of Creative Thinking Web Design {I designed/created the pages you see at this website} as well as nine other websites {I personally own and maintain} I have created over the past 13 years. I have built several other websites for others but no longer maintain those sites. I am retired from my fence construction business {Gifford Fence Company and Gifford Fence Orlando} and a self taught webmaster having begun my web creation in 1999. My first website Myths-Dreams-Symbols, is a site dedicated to Jungian dream psychology {dream psychology & web design being the two passions in my life}. The Myths-Dreams-Symbols website has more than 500+ pages dedicated to Jungian psychology and dreams and is the catalyst for my interest and education in designing websites for others. Using the basic HTML language of the internet {HyperText Markup Language} I create simple websites that are useful and operative in any degree of access to pages on the internet. Because I do not use expensive software, do not have any real overhead and since I do all the work myself I am able to insure lower costs to the consumer. Basic web design is not rocket science but there are protocols that must be adhered to and by doing that a website is as functional as it can be. In the end that is what is important in web design, a site that is fully functional at a price the consumer can afford. The proof is in the completed work and below are examples of websites I have designed {and personally own and maintain}.

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